Masters Of Reality Live


No shows booked at the moment.

37 Responses to “Live”

  1. avatar jedhead says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for the Masters Of Reality…..come back to Leeds UK soonnnnnnnn.

  2. avatar TSpencer says:

    In the Decibel interview, you said you've "got to" tour the States… so… how's that coming along?

  3. avatar s-mac says:

    Yeah Chris, come to the boston area please….missed you 20 years ago at the garden

  4. avatar patrick says:

    Masters announced for the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium! Any more European dates to follow?

  5. avatar ALONSO says:


  6. avatar Ben says:

    May we ask for a show in Paris? French fan who can't go to the hellfest need to see/hear the masters of reality!

  7. avatar Geo says:

    Are we allowed to hope and see you one day in France ? Now you cancelled your venue to Hellfest, the only thing left is praying…

  8. avatar s-mac says:

    whats the deal any U.S. east coast shows?

    • avatar matt says:

      they were going to play here in Portland, OR some months back but cancelled because of low ticket sales. Bad Americans for not embracing this band hard enough and deservedly so!

    • avatar jefe says:

      I'd love to see some east coast shows!

  9. avatar Martin Fox says:

    How come your not at Download anymore 🙁 🙁

  10. avatar bryan says:

    how about a gig in Amsterdam? plenty of reasons to come over here!

    • avatar cludi says:

      yah wanna know that too. was looking forward to see these guys at download….wanna know why not on line up anymore

  11. avatar Zach L. says:

    Please, please, please visit Northern Kentucky if you can! There’re TONS of cool little places to play, like Southgate House, The Mad Hatter and Madison Theater to name a few. Blessed be the Masters of Reality, may safety and good health be upon you all.

  12. avatar Paradiso / Melkweg says:

    Yes, come to Amsterdam please! 🙂

  13. avatar John Brown says:

    Are you coming to Norway?

  14. avatar Bender says:

    We'd love to see you guys come to Vancouver, BC. soon.

  15. avatar John says:

    Please come to Boston! It's been 21 years of tears on the wind!

  16. avatar Stonewally1 says:

    Another request for a show in the NorthEast USA… Even Montreal, good excuse for a trip to a great city.

  17. avatar PFL says:

    I second MONTRÉAL. Come on Chris, Montréal. We'll let you play anything, even Don't Get Caught By The Huntman's bow… Set it and people will come in LARGE numbers. I also can be your drummer :-))))))))

    • avatar PFL says:

      It's me again. Trying to build a hype here. Don't take too much time on The Cult before you want to learn a bit of french. Oh, and I must add that I was the first one to own your early CD's here; waited YEARS to get a copy of the Blue Garden to replace my cassette. And then paid a lot to import the other ones before internet was "born". Anyway, don't wait until you need a VISA, neighboor 😉

      • avatar PFL says:

        Should I go wait right now at the door of the Metropolis for a better seat. Ok, I'll wait patiently

  18. avatar alex says:

    Eff that, Play in pomona with KYUSS!!!!!!

  19. avatar Suebacca says:

    Please play TEXAS!!!

  20. avatar Jorgo Tsiouris says:

    come over to greece!!! we will arrange a gig for you guys down here!!

  21. avatar Chis says:

    Can you PLEASE make a stop in Utah some time. You are one of few bands I would love to see live, and I have never had the chance.

  22. avatar pressd rat & warthog says:

    You gotta make that poster for the show in New Orleans available in you store, wish it was live news footage of a M.O.R world takeover.

    • avatar Stonewally1 says:

      You know, Pressed Rat, when Blue Garden first came out, I thought it was new material from the band Cream… Then came the second album with Ginger Baker; and you are right, that is some great artwork.

  23. avatar T. Brown says:

    portland, oregon man! sure, there's a lot of hipster assholes, but thats why you need to come here! we need your true cool so we can loosen this strangle hold that the indie scene has on our already gloomy city. also, "Up In It" is the most bad ass jam in the world.

  24. avatar Dr Wu says:

    Please come to Miami and I will show you my Garden…

  25. avatar Lucas Vasseur says:

    You guys must to come up to Brazil, we need to see your Live! The musical scene in Brazil is in need to guys that do that type of sound here! Seriously!

  26. avatar polecho says:

    Come to Vigo-Spain, please. I need to hear your music live, pure drug. And if you come up with the cult, then pure vital energy. The world is garbage, but I love being alive.

  27. avatar Rainer Arp says:

    How about perform in germany for example in Hamburg.
    it would be lovely to welcome you here

  28. avatar C.C. NIKKI AND FAN'S says:

    My OLDLADY and I live in the ARMPIT of Canada where the taxes are 47% and the people have the gull to be nice We belive in the phrase LIVE HARD,DIE YOUNG and for good reason MASTERS OF REALITY. MOR keeps us going when bad shit happens,bank's,bosses,and bill's I have been a musician for 25 years off and on (drum's first,guitar,bass).It would be a FUCKIN BLAST to have had MASTERS mind's in this SHITHOLE growing up I might have been your guy's drummer!GINGER BAKER that must have been not only an HONOUR but a speedball to the nose by blowtorch!!! NOW THIS IS SERIOUS.I know you dudes have other project's,families,fame.IT WOULD BE DREAM COME TRUE If my beautiful WIFE (that has M.S.) and I can see what I consider to be my #1BAND of my TOP TEN. 1.MASTER'S 2.MOTORHEAD3.IRON MAIDEN 4.RUSH5. REDD KROSS 6.STEELY DAN (purdie shuffle)7.old ZZ-TOP 8.old KISS 9.BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD 10.JOHN HIATE ( Guarentee Great Turnout ) EAST COAST CANADA ,MONCTON NEW BRUNSWICK.

  29. avatar Mr Schitt says:

    come to cologne and have some kölsch! would really look forward to see you guys in action.

  30. avatar jdub says:

    we need you in atlanta. People must see for themselves how badass you guys are